Aurora had waited for Julian's love for five years, but she wasn't expecting him to put her in jail. He said in a frozen voice, "Aurora. Megan is the only girl I love all my life. How could you be so shameless and seduce me into having sex with you, well, get ready to suffer!" He treated his lover so gently, but he was just so cruel and rude to her. She hadn't felt despairing until he said coldly when she got pregnant— "Get rid of the thing in your belly. You don't deserve my kid, never!" In order to save her father, she begged him bitterly, but in the end she had to have an abortion. She thought that might be the last time he tortured her. But she never expected that her father jumped off the building roof in front of her, when she was bleeding to death… Julian, maybe in this life, only my death could remove your hate. I prayed to God that I wouldn't meet you in next life…
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